How To Wear Summer Accessories When It’s 20 Degrees Out

How To Wear Summer Accessories When It’s 20 Degrees Out

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Welcome to Asked & Answered: a very special place for a very special time of year. You know, that time of year when you're finally hitting the gym, smashing new goals at work, and oh, are also not supposed to catch a cold even though the temperatures are dropping? It's the beginning of a new year, and to help you out, we're answering all your fashion questions, helping you look and feel great.

You invested in some seriously adorable accessories this past summer: those colorful, high heeled sandals ... those bright tassel earrings. You miss wearing them. We get it. And with words like, "bomb cyclone" being used to describe the weather, it feels like summer is nowhere in sight. But we have some good news. Just because it's negative WHATEVER out does not mean you can't wear your favorite summer accessories. Here, we show you three ways to style your favorites no matter how low the temps drop.

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