Style Lessons We Can Learn from Kids

Style Lessons We Can Learn from Kids
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Perhaps recalling your own style as a 5-year old, you remember a closet full of My Little Pony T-shirts and frilly pink dresses. So, naturally, when it comes to fashion, you may not think you can learn a lot from a child. But oh, how wrong you are ...

As someone who has been obsessed with fashion all her life and has worked in the field since graduating college, I was pretty sure I had my look down pat and knew all I needed to on the subject of style. Then, I became a mom. I immersed myself in the kids' fashion market, and discovered that wow, kids are cool! Maybe even cooler than we are, simply because they're too young to be self-conscious and too busy having fun to take any of it too seriously. (I even founded a site,, dedicated to moms and their stylish mini-me's.)

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Just looking through the Instagrams of the chic mommy-and-me set can inspire and motivate you to up your own fashion game. Don't believe me? Just look at the feed of @nadjamini, pictured above: Does a feminine Bonpoint dress go with the mini leather jacket dad bought? Absolutely! And let's throw aviators into the mix for good measure. What better example of mixing edgy with pretty? Here are a few more of the lessons we learned throughout our constant kiddo double-tapping.

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