How to Style a Tee That Makes a Major Statement

How to Style a Tee That Makes a Major Statement
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There's nothing more basic than a T-shirt—and we mean that in the best way possible. They're simple, comfortable, and make up the foundation of our wardrobe. But as much as we love our plain white tees, there's something alluring about the novelty of one that can speak for itself. Evidently, today's street-style stars feel the same way. We've seen them sporting everything, from Bieber-emblazoned concert tees to Supreme skater shirts, each styled to perfection. 

Statement-making yes, but these shirts aren't enthusiastically loud, either. Rather, they get the job with one word (or sometimes two). Be succinct in your slogan-bearing tees, but then add on superfluous touches, like a bandana or trendy flared pants, for an Insta-worthy outfit. Find sartorial inspiration below, and then shop a few of our favorites the get the look for yourself.

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