6 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Tie a Skinny Scarf

6 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Tie a Skinny Scarf

Skinny scarves fall among the fashion trends that are more decorative than practical. Honestly, what good is a skinny scarf against the cold? But in light of the current '70s movement, the finishing accent has become an outfit-completer that a slew of stars and fashion insiders have embraced. And from our findings, the scarf has proven to be quite versatile, as well. Below, we rounded up all the ways to wear a skinny scarf all season long—before it gets too frigid, that is. 

Throw One Over the Shoulder (above
For a nonchalant look, Selena Gomez styled her minimal slip dress with a black piece that she casually wrapped around her neck and slung over one shoulder.

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