5 Sock-and-Boot Matches Made in Fashion Girl Heaven

5 Sock-and-Boot Matches Made in Fashion Girl Heaven
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All right, if you’re wearing boots, then you’re most likely also wearing socks (unless you’re wearing cut-out boots or, you know, have made the executive decision to just go sans socks—you brave soul). As we gear up with this winter’s must-have boots, we mustn’t forget about the outfit-making powers a pair of chic socks can yield. The magic is in the details, people!

Imagine this: You stomping down the sidewalk in a pair of leather Chelsea boots, some sporty tube socks, and a fitted dress that makes you feel like a Bright Young Thing. It’s not Fashion Month yet, but street-style photographers have a sixth sense for the impeccably well-dressed. So there they are, jumping out from every corner just to snap a shot of you. And you? You’re still sashaying down the concrete catwalk like you’re the Model of the Moment and your boot-sock combo is what got you there. Own it. Rock it. Any moment can be a fashion moment.

Shop below for five chic ways to pair your winter boots and cozy socks.

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