7 Cover-Ups That'll Transform Your Swimwear Into Streetwear

7 Cover-Ups That'll Transform Your Swimwear Into Streetwear
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Lazy days, and beach days. Two of our favorite things about summer. But when it comes to dressing, we still want to add a bit of polish to our laze-moods. Particularly when it comes to wearing our swimwear aprés-beach. 

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Enter: the cover-up, the hero garment for transforming swimwear into streetwear. And we're not just talking caftans. Cover-ups come in many shapes and sizes, from maxi skirts to lightweight pants to printed dresses—even jumpsuits.

A few tips to keep in mind: Don't be afraid to mix prints, and look for colors that complement each other rather than compete. Remember proportion—if you're wearing a bikini top, go for a longer silhouette at the bottom. One-pieces can double as bodysuits.

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Also, consider the occasion. If you're going to a fancy restaurant after the beach, a bikini top is probably not the best option. Going to a fun bonfire? Bikini your heart out!

Scroll down to see some cool combos and shop your favorites.

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