14 Hoodies to Warm Up (and Look Cool) This Spring

14 Hoodies to Warm Up (and Look Cool) This Spring

If you haven't caught on by now, we are really into hoodies. But it's not just us. Designers from Michael Kors to newbies Ground Zero dressed up the slouchy sweats during fashion week. The street style stars are creatively layering (and staying warm) in their athleisure tops. And Selena Gomez loves her matching Vetements hoodie and track pants set so much that she wore it—gasptwo days in a row.

These hoodies aren't your garden variety, schlepping around at home (or sweating it out at the gym) attire. This time around, the hooded sweatshirts are, shall we say, elevated—with edgy graphics, ironic and/or throwback statements, cooler cuts (or even as a dress silhouette), and, yes, elevated price tags, too (lookin' at you, Vetements). In short, these hoodies are just too good to waste on a lazy day inside, binge-watching the latest season of House of Cards.

Plus, considering this lingering winter and delayed spring, a hoodie makes for the perfect layering piece to throw on over a floral spring dress or wear under your new jacket that's just a tad too light when it's barely breaking 50 degrees outside. So check out these 14 options at a wide range of prices to up your hoodie game this season.

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