We Found 9 of the Best Black Leather Jackets Around

We Found 9 of the Best Black Leather Jackets Around
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Searching for the perfect leather jacket is not unlike finding your soulmate. A bold statement, we admit, but hear us out. You log hours sifting through countless options that are not quite up to your standards. You try some on anyway, just for fun, but you inevitably end up disappointed. From all that experience, you suss out what you look for (ideal characteristics, like comfort and stability) and you learn what your deal-breakers are (inauthencity, a bad fit, too rigid). The process, at times, might seem hopeless, even bleak, but you remind yourself that you only need to find "the one" and you're set for life. 

Currently single? We found nine great candidates to get you ready for leather weather this fall (and fingers crossed, for years to come). Rely on the classic moto style or experiment with an oversized version. Either way, meet your match(es), below. 

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