10 Kitten Heels to Take You from Day to Night

10 Kitten Heels to Take You from Day to Night
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Let's face it: Stilettos should have a lifespan whether or not you want to admit it. The realization that I used to wear them still shoots chills up and down my spine. For those days when you want a little extra height, have an important board meeting, or have an engagement party to attend, it's nice to have the option of a heel that won't make you look like you're walking on stilts.

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This isn't to say all stilettos are guilty of making us clunk around. There are many woman who have mastered walking in stilettos while looking effortlessly chic. That being said, there is something comforting in a kitten heel in the way that they allow you to make a quick dash from point A to B without spraining your ankle. They add a touch of femininity to any look and should be on your fall shopping wishlist. There is one important thing to remember when shopping for your shoes this fall: Kitten heels look good on every woman, no matter what age she is. They are chic and timeless.

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