The 16 Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

The 16 Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

"Does this spark joy?" That's the question author and tidying queen Marie Kondo wants us to ask ourselves when we want to declutter and purge our closets, and better our lives. No offense to the organizational guru, but when it comes to the foundation of our wardrobes, the very pieces that have made what our closets are today, there is an exception to that rule, and it's: If you're paralyzed by indecision on something that falls on this list, we beg of you, don't toss it in the donation pile.

Because obviously, a black pencil skirt isn't going to stir up the same kind of happiness as a colorful tassel-tastic caftan that reminds you of sipping pina coladas on the beach. As it shouldn't, but as boring as that black pencil is, it's one of those wear-forever staples that remain a constant in your life, despite fashion's revolving door of trends. And much like a reliable BFF, these oldies-but-goodies see you through both the good days (when you're feeling creatively inspired to 'breathe new life' into said pencil skirt) and the bad (stuck in a style rut? Meh, a shirt and a pencil skirt will do). 

Basically, all we're trying to say is, do declutter for the sake of mental health and to free up precious closet real estate, but don't discard the pieces that will never, ever go out of fashion (because you'll regret it, believe us). So before you tidy up, scroll through and double-check our list first, and if you don't happen to own one or two of the pieces, buy them now so you can wear them forever. 

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