10 Sweaters That'll Make You Forget About Summer

10 Sweaters That'll Make You Forget About Summer
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Call it autumn, sweater weather, or just plain chilly, this time of year complicates getting dressed. On one hand, there’s no denying summer’s over—the days are shorter, the winds snappier, the temperatures lower—but it’s also not quite full on coat season yet. You and your clothes are stuck in this weird limbo with precious few outfit shortcuts: while it’s too cold to simply throw on a T-shirt and jeans, you can’t hide everything under statement shearling either.

The 10 pullover knits below are here to see you through. Snuggly, warm, and so, so easy to pull off, these babies will effortlessly give all the bottoms (and, for a skirt-like effect, dresses) in your closet a lift when you’re feeling too lazy to get creative with layering. Moreover, the formula doesn’t get any more complicated when snow season hits; all you need to do is add in tights and outerwear as needed. Ready to stock up? Keep scrolling.

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