Shop 7 Anklets + the Shoes to Wear with Them

Shop 7 Anklets + the Shoes to Wear with Them

Sun’s out, anklets out! OK, we know what you're thinking: That's not how the saying goes. But it might as well be. The warm weather is finally here, and to celebrate, there’s no better time than today to go and splurge on a new anklet.

We used to think they looked best while barefoot and frolicking on the beach. And while there probably is no better place to show off your anklets than at the shore, there’s no reason to limit yourself. Even on the brisker days they look great over a folded sock or with an ankle-strap shoe. Remember, anklets are not just for slides. There really isn’t a shoe you can’t wear them with, so hurry—check out a few pairings we love and get inspired.  

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