Witchy Boots Are Trending Just in Time for Halloween

Witchy Boots Are Trending Just in Time for Halloween
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Fashion’s latest obsession is an ankle boot, but its slicker, pointier, and feels more dangerous than what you are used to. Thanks to a super skinny kitten heel and sharp curves, there’s something almost otherworldly about the silhouette—like something the beautiful fairy tale sorceress might wear with her gossamer robes. I’ve been calling them witch shoes.

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Take that with a grain of salt (thrown over your shoulder to ward off bad spirits, of course): There are no clunky buckles, kitchy laces, or bizarrely curled toes in the footwear I’m talking about. This look is all about a subtly spooky shape, which, when worn with something other than a tattered black dress, is also remarkably sophisticated. Think what the The Craft crew would wear if they all grew up to be fashion editors.

Below, just in time to justify the purchase as past of a Halloween costume (buy now, scare later!) we've gathered 11 perfect pairs to try now.

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