Found It! Valentino Slides That Are Under $500

Found It! Valentino Slides That Are Under $500

Valentino designs have always been one of our favorite fashion obsessions. I mean how could a girl say no to those dreamy Italian dresses. And don't even get me started on the iconic roskstud pieces. The popular heels could set you back at least a grand. But we searched the web, and actually found a few Valentino slides that are well under $500.

The Valentino sandals are perfect for when you want to have a glam moment by the pool. And there are also suede options that you can rock throughout the fall.

VIDEO: Take a Look Back at One of Our Favorite Valentino Collections


Sadly, deals this good don't last for too long. So you might as well jump on these amazing finds asap. Keep scrolling to discover some of the most affordable Valentino slides on the web.

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