The 8 Hottest Sandal Trends of the Season

The 8 Hottest Sandal Trends of the Season
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As far as sandals are concerned, this summer might have the most diverse (and even divisive) array of trends we’ve ever seen. One one hand, you have shower slides and sporty looks holding it down for the tomboys and athleisure-lovers, while lace-up styles and block heels feel much more feminine and dressy. If you ask us though, there’s no reason we can't dip our toes in both pools, so to speak.

After all, you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who could live all summer in just one pair of sandals. The pair you wear to the beach might not be right for brunch, and the ones you keep spiffed up for work aren’t always right for a picnic in the park. Not to mention, as modern and multi-dimensional people, the way we want to appear to the world can shift from day to day, allowing us to play an adult version of dress up.

For whoever you want to be this summer and whatever adventures you might have on your calendar, we’ve rounded up the best, coolest, freshest, and most exciting sandal trends of the season, and selected our favorite pairs.

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