15 Summer Shoes That Cover Your Toes

15 Summer Shoes That Cover Your Toes

Of course, a sundress and a pair of sandals make the perfect style combination in the summer. But sometimes, a girl just wants to keep her toes covered. Not only because ghosting our pedicurist all winter is a tradition (sorry, not sorry), but because of all of the germs your toes can pickup while walking around all day. Plus scrubbing asphalt-colored stains off of the bottom of your toes is never fun.

The next time you're in the mood to avoid stepping into cooties or exposing your toes to all of the elements, try slipping your feet into a shoe with a bit more covering. The extra barrier between your toes and the ground can make a major difference. And no, you don't have to sacrafice style to find a cute summer shoe with more coverage. There are chic espadrilles, flats, and loafers that will do the trick.

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Below you'll find 15 styles that InStyle editors love.

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