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5 Styles of Flats Chic Moms Will Love This Spring

5 Styles of Flats Chic Moms Will Love This Spring
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What my days used to look like: wake up; head to work; come home; kick off my heels. And what heels they were! Open-toed, pumps, platforms, I didn't care, as long as they looked good.

What my days look like now with two kids: get woken up; drop off kid No. 1 at preschool, chase her in the school yard for good measure; take kid No. 2 to elementary school, climb on the jungle gym with her because, well, I chased kid No. 1, didn't I? Then head to work until it's time for gymnastics or ballet or karate. Those towering stilettos I so effortlessly wore before I was a mom are now relegated to the back of my closet, only coming out to play when the minis (as in tots, not the hemlines) are away. What's a fashion-focused mom to do?

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Acclimate to your new footwear reality, but do it in true style because, thankfully, "comfortable shoes" no longer means boring. Below are five styles of flats that will take a mom on the go from point A to point B, and every stop in between, while still looking Instagram-ready (like me and my kiddo, above).

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