See Spring's New Take on the Sexy Lace-Up Shoe Trend

See Spring's New Take on the Sexy Lace-Up Shoe Trend

Lace-up heels—ones that criss-cross and wrap around the ankle (and sometimes lace up as high as the knee—or in Rihanna's case, as high as the thigh)—is the sexy shoe trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Last season's included a buffet of lace-ups in every kind of iteration, from tall neutral gladiators to black pumps treated to skinny stiletto heels, cut-out graphic accents, and metal eyelets.

For spring, the latest take on the style reads more charming than anything else, with quirky-cute stacked heels, rounded toes, and colors that range from fiercely bold to sugary sweet. But that's not to say there isn't an element of sexiness—there's plenty of allure to go around. Step into these versatile blocked-heel pairs that work for date night, the office, and everything in between.

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