The 5 Loafer Styles You'll Want to Wear This Fall

The 5 Loafer Styles You'll Want to Wear This Fall
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You might say it all started when a man from Italy had a quirky idea. When Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle introduced a pair of leather backless loafers with a footbed covered in shaggy fur, it didn’t take long for this cozy mule to reach cult status, appearing on the feet of trend-setters like Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller, not to mention fashion editors around the globe.

This fall’s best loafers offer a great counterbalance to the ultra-feminine lace-up flats that became ubiquitous over the past year. We can already picture their substantial soles and menswear-inspired design as the ideal equalizer to the floaty pleated midi skirts at the top of our autumn shopping list. (Go figure, Gucci inspired that comeback, too!)

Of course, a backless fuzzy mule that will set you back nearly $1,000 isn’t the only way to rock the loafer trend when temperatures finally start to cool down. Bold colors, metallics, heels, and pointed toe styles are all top of mind this season. Now, we’re not saying they’re going to replace your fall boots, but don’t blame us when they start giving you that sad puppy dog stare from the bottom of your closet. Ahead, shop our ultimate guide to fall loafers.

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