14 Fancy Flats for Girls Who Don't Like Heels

14 Fancy Flats for Girls Who Don't Like Heels

The perk to attending a formal occasion is that it serves as a rare opportunity to play dress up. The downside? Looking good can take priority to, say, comfort, especially when it comes to footwear. And in most cases, that means needle-thin stilettos that do the job of giving you a lift, both literally and figuratively, but not without a wave of pain. For those who prefer to stay as close to the ground as possible (um, guilty), navigating the imminent deluge of holiday fêtes can feel only physically possible with flats.

Since not all of them are created equal, we turned to accessories designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal to share her thoughts on the matter. "It all depends on the fabric and finish of the shoe," she says. "You should make sure they look pristine. Sometimes if flats are too worn, you've turned them into day shoes. They have to look special—keep them special." 

Of course she's the first to suggest her famous black velvet kitty smoking slippers for such an occasion. They have found fans among the likes of Alexa Chung (above), Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry, and they're so versatile, they transcend footwear activities, from running errands to attending fancy events (though she admits that she'd buy a new pair if she had an evening event to go to). "If you wear them in the day, they end up in your mind feeling like day shoes," she continues. "Or wear shiny shoes, I love shiny things."

We heeded her advice and shopped out fancy flats that work for any soirée, from ones blanketed in luxe fabrics to others festooned with shiny embellishments. Your holiday shoe game, done. 

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