10 Cute (and Comfy) Flats for Your St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl

10 Cute (and Comfy) Flats for Your St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl
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According to the all-knowing and mostly factually correct resource, Wikipedia, St. Patrick's Day is "is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland." Huh. Because we always thought St. Paddy's Day was the internationally recognized holiday for indulging in copious amounts of beverages—probably alcoholic and definitely of the green hoppy variety.

Now, tradition dictates that you should probably wear green in honor of the occasion, lest you be tormented by relentless pinching the rest of the evening (or day, depending on when you start imbibing). But suggested footwear remains an area that really needs to be explored. Because, even if you're hanging out in a sweaty sports bar, you want to wear a cute pair of shoes to complete your well-thought-out outfit. But chances are, you'll be on your feet all night fighting for the bartender's attention or walking to multiple destinations. So bottom line: You really should be wearing flats. Of course, you could go with fashion-y kicks or your worn-in ankle booties, but there are so many chic flat shoes out there that are just as killer as your four-inch heels.

Need convincing? Here are 10 solid arguments for wearing flats on St. Paddy's Day. (And none of them are green.)

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