16 Next-Level High-Top Sneakers to Replace Your Go-To Flats

16 Next-Level High-Top Sneakers to Replace Your Go-To Flats
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Now that winter's here and wreaking havoc among our non-rubber soled shoes, we're forced to do either one of two things: succumb to the sub-zero temperatures and subsequent icy pavement in flimsy flats, or thrive (and not just survive) this winter in a pair of stylish and protective footwear. Let me reintroduce you to the wonders of the high-top sneaker. Yes, the shoe of your high school grunge phase is making a major comeback, and it's chicer than ever (sorry, scene kids of 2008).

Think less of a nod to the old days of scandalous bare ankles and more of an ode to the ultimate cool girl who wears her high tops with flirty dresses and some serious attitude. Think Instagram-worthy street-style. Think off-duty. Now think suede and neoprene. Think heavy-duty shearling trim and scalloped edges. Consider it an update to your beloved Converse. Go ahead and shop through 16 of our fave elevated high-top sneakers made to be rocked this winter.

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