These Are the Most Popular Red Carpet Shoes of All Time

These Are the Most Popular Red Carpet Shoes of All Time
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Let's get one thing straight: there's a very big distinction between shoes and red carpet shoes. Shoes are for everyday; it's enough that they look good to you and (hopefully) your colleagues. But a great red carpet shoe is one that's designed to perform. It must look impeccable when photographed from any and every angle, it must lengthen and slim the leg, it must seamlessly complement a gown (rather than compete with it), and it must, must, must deliver substantial height.

The greats among the red carpet shoe pantheon are those that have not only garnered a faithful celebrity stylist fan base, but then have found themselves at award shows, premieres, and star-studded events even years after their inception. So which shoes are these, you may ask? We reached out to the most prominent red carpet brands and asked them to reveal their most popular styles ever. From Stuart Weitzman's Nudist to Giuseppe Zanotti's Harmony, scroll through to see the Big Nine of red carpet shoes.

VIDEO: See the Shoes from Jennifer Lopez’s Giuseppe Zanotti Collection


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