This Tiny Detail Gives Shoes an Instant Cool-Girl Vibe

This Tiny Detail Gives Shoes an Instant Cool-Girl Vibe

Embellished shoes are definitely taking over the runways (and the streets). From fur trimmings to ruffled fabrics, designers can't seem to get enough of the attention-grabbing add ons. But there's one specific frill that the fashion world has truly become obsessed with over the years. In fact, the little detail is used to garnish tops, skirts, and dresses too. The beloved attachment is a shiny grommet.

Originally, the purpose of the metallic circles were to prevent holes around laces from tearing. But now they are being used to simply make a fashion statement. It doesn't matter if they are silver or gold; the shiny ring details can instantly turn the average shoe into an edgy work of art. And that's why so many style stars are flocking to the trendy look.

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If you want to jump on board with your own pair, we've gathered our favorites below for you to shop.

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