9 Transitional Shoes to Help You Segue From Summer to Fall

9 Transitional Shoes to Help You Segue From Summer to Fall
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Summer is drawing to a close, which means that our hearts are slowly breaking one day at a time. And just like any other major life adjustment, we're coping with the seasonal change by simultaneously hating on summer's least desirable qualities and waxing on about fall's best features. Yes, maturity. So let's begin. Summer cons: uncontrollable humidity-ridden hair, excessive heat outside and excessively cold offices indoors, and questionable outfits (as the result of not knowing what to wear because everything you own is stifling). Fall pros: crisp breezes (a highly anticipated respite from the current heat wave), a clean slate in life (because it's back-to-school season), new clothes (again, because, back-to-school season), and non-open-toe shoes.

Allow us to elaborate on the last point. "Non-open-toe shoes" is an awkward way of putting it, but that's because transitional dressing in of itself is awkward. It's that too-brief period when you can skip your standing pedi appointment and not feel at all ashamed since no one is going to know. But it's also when you don't have to worry about doubling up on socks or hypothermia or low-blood circulation—boots at this point don't really have to serve a function (read: insulation), but can exist as something purely decorative. It's this glorious time of the year when darling ballet flats, loafers, and cute ankle boots abound, each blanketed in fun textiles or pretty embellishments, because there isn't slush, snow, or other weather-related shoe-ruining elements to worry about (OK, we'll give you rain). So even though summer is ending, at least we have these nine chic seasonal in-between shoes to make the transition a little smoother. 

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