24 Summer Party Heels You Can Actually Dance In

24 Summer Party Heels You Can Actually Dance In
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Listen: The last thing you want to think about on a summer night out dancing is how wrecked your feet feel. Trust us, it’s a real party pooper.

But, there's good news: actually comfortable party heels exist! The trick is tofind a pair equipped with some type of reinforcement (think an ankle strap or a thick band) and a sturdy block heel that’ll keep up with you on the dance floor. But come on, you knew this already.

So, this is where we step in: We’ve rounded up 24 heeled sandals we can’t wait to dance in this summer. (And if you're looking for the perfect pair of slides, well then, we've got that too.)

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From ‘90s supermodel-esque heels to sparkly mini-heeled sandals, our favorite picks are below!

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