18 Biker Boots to Channel Your Inner Badass

18 Biker Boots to Channel Your Inner Badass
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So you've got your leather jacket, aka your go-to piece for instant edge to any outfit. Great! Well done! Now what about the rest of your look? What happens when it's too cold outside for a leather jacket? Are you forced to pull on a puffer instead and drop the cool-girl look like it was all just a thinly veiled facade? Or do you have another attitude-radiating piece to throw on? Well, might we suggest the biker boot.

Consider it the leather jacket equivalent—just for your feet. Biker boots are edgy, sturdy, and serve as a reminder to either you or those around you that you're tough as bones. From lady-like pearl detailing to tough metal hardware, shop 18 of our favorite chic biker boots coming at you at every price point.

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