3 Perfect Holiday Looks for Petite Gals

3 Perfect Holiday Looks for Petite Gals

To all my fellow petite ladies, this one goes out to you. The holidays are just around the corner, and with it, comes this dreaded realization: We need more petite-friendly dressing! Long gone are the days of getting our clothes tailored or browsing dangerously close to the kid's section (I see you), because now we're exhausted. Now it's the tail end of 2016, and we're so over buying clothes that just don't fit us properly. This holiday season, let's not settle for wearing "cropped trousers" as regular-length trousers. Let's not show up to the party in what's supposed to be an oversize sweater but on us, a king-sized sweater dress. Because now—and I need you to say this with me—we have petite-friendly holiday dressing! From a metallic jumpsuit (yes, jumpsuit) to luxe cropped trousers, we've pieced together three perfect holiday looks for you.

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