9 Oversized Denim Jackets Guaranteed to Get You Noticed

9 Oversized Denim Jackets Guaranteed to Get You Noticed
Christian Vierig/Getty; Embroidery by LaughingWife

The difference between a regular old jean jacket and the stuff of style legend is a size that’s slightly… off. As in, hanging off your body because maybe you purposely bought it two sizes too big from a vintage store, or “borrowed” it from your older brother’s hot best friend when the three of you used sneak out in high school. Its allure lies in a certain spontaneous, devil-may-care sense of ease, like you lucked into looking so good (oh, what, this old thing?).

Fashion gets this—which is why, thankfully, we no longer have to scour secondhand shops and eBay for denim outerwear with a perfectly imperfect fit. Lately, big name designers and fast-fashion chains alike have been putting out enough oversized options for us all to turn up our level of swagger. Scroll down to shop 9 of our favorites.

VIDEO: 3-Stylin': Three Ways to A Denim Jacket


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