7 On-Screen Summer Style Icons to Channel This Season

7 On-Screen Summer Style Icons to Channel This Season
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We love summer movies for all the same reasons we love summer itself: lazy afternoons entirely spent in a swimsuit, long balmy nights without anywhere to be the next day, sleep-away camp. A good flick about those languid, sun-drenched moments between June and September condenses the very best parts of the season into something we can enjoy any time of the year.

Clothes play a big part in that. From the full floral skirts and tied-up blouses found on The Talented Mr Ripley’s Marge Sherwood, to Frances "Baby" Houseman’s dance practice uniform of leotards and cut-offs in Dirty Dancing, the wardrobes found throughout warm-weather films reflect the blissful freedom of getting dressed for vacation. There's no HR department breathing down your neck, or school policy to follow—you can wear what you want, when you want, however you like. Because that opportunity is so wonderfully liberating in our everyday existence, the big screen makes it seem larger than life.

That certainly holds true with the seven summer cinema icons ahead, each with a look we’ve been coveting from the moment we first saw it in an air-conditioned theater. Keep reading for a break down of what makes their go-to outfits so special and, naturally, the pieces you need to cop each one for yourself. 

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