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Natalie Portman’s Stylist Breaks Down Her 10 Best Red Carpet Looks Ever

Natalie Portman’s Stylist Breaks Down Her 10 Best Red Carpet Looks Ever

For some actresses, it takes a while to find their fashion footing. But when you glance back at Natalie Portman’s style through the years, it’s near impossible to find a look—even early on in her career—that isn’t elegant, feminine, and perfectly executed.

“Natalie has been famous for a long time, but even from the beginning, she always had a clear sense of her personal style,” says stylist Kate Young, who has been working with the 35-year-old Oscar winner since she starred in 2004’s Garden State. “It was important to her to project a certain kind of image, so we spent time deciding what she was into and more importantly, what she wasn’t.”

Right off the bat, Young says that Portman gravitated toward vintage (“it’s an eco choice”), strapless necklines over asymmetrical, and rich, warm colors instead of blues and greens. Yes, she knew what she liked as a young 20-something, but her stylist was quick to point out that there was still a lot of room for experimenting. “Her choices are classic, but when you look closer, there’s always a twist or something more complex about them too,” says Young.

And that’s why you’ll probably never see her in something too simple. “She notices a designer’s point of view and those couture details like intricate embroidery or beautiful fabrication. And she certainly appreciates when fashion ultimately becomes a piece of art.”

Keep scrolling to see Portman’s 10 best looks of all-time. And for more stories like this, check out the June issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download May 12.

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