Why Murtlenecks Are the Sexiest Thing a Guy Can Wear

Why Murtlenecks Are the Sexiest Thing a Guy Can Wear

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Steve Jobs made them look smart. Ron Burgundy made them look funny. And lately, pretty much every fashion-concious man in Hollywood is making them look, well, sexy

Yes, we’re talking about the murtleneck—a.k.a. the male turtleneck—a winter wardrobe staple that either completely scares or excites a dude, depending on his taste. 

Why have murtlenecks become a thing of late? Well, for one, it’s freezing right now, and most of the East Coast is still digging out from the “Bomb Cyclone.” Those plain white tees just don’t quite hold up in subzero wind chill. 

Plus, a nice murtleneck gets guys out of the whole “wearing a tie” nightmare that they endlessly complain about (note: Spanx are much more uncomfortable than a silk necktie, bros). Put a cashmere turtle under a tailored suit and you’ve got a business casual look that is comfy and of-the-moment.

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One of the murtleneck’s biggest proponents, Nick Jonas, says that he reaches for one when he’s in the mood to take a fashion risk. “I love that a turtleneck can go south. I love the risk of it,” Jonas told InStyle last month. “With fashion, there’s always a line of taking a really classic piece and making it your own somehow. And from the time I became a man, I just felt like turtlenecks and I had an understanding where I wear the turtleneck, it doesn’t wear me. If I meet one that’s doing it’s own thing and trying to take over my face or cut my neck in half, it’s not happening.”   

Jonas also gave advice for any man looking to wade into turtle territory and still come out looking smokin’ hot. “You've got to find your turtleneck and the right size neck,” he said. “The length of the neck has a big thing to do with it. Some guys might like a mock neck, like Daniel Craig. He pulls off the mock turtle and a real one. But Dwayne Johnson, for instance, my castmate in Jumanji, wore one the other night too. He’s a big guy. But he found a turtleneck and it worked." 

Below, our ode to all of the stars striving to give the murtleneck it’s well-deserved moment. Don’t worry guys, we can still see your muscles.

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