No One's Having as Much Fun with Fashion as Keke Palmer

No One's Having as Much Fun with Fashion as Keke Palmer
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There’s only one millennial-approved phrase that adequately describes how we feel about Keke Palmer’s groove at the moment: “YAAAAAAAS!” Yas, we understand you may be tired of hearing the slang, but c’mon, in just a few short weeks, the 23-year-old Scream Queens star has given us so much capital F fashun.

The self-described #GlitterGod and #CosmicQueen first caught our attention at the 2016 American Music Awards, where she paid homage to '90s rap goddesses, like Lil' Kim, with a midriff-baring Natalia Fedner two-piece and a pink fur jacket she styled with rose-tinted sunglasses (above). And it wasn’t a fluke. Shortly after, Palmer began to make waves with a maximalist assortment of daytime looks, proving that piling on accessories and fusing bold colors actually do go together.

For Palmer, the key to standing out is not found in working with veteran stylists, but rather in teaming up with fresh new talent. She turned to Geraldine “Gigi” Fernandez for her AMAs look, and has most recently worked with Michael Benyamin, a young stylist better known as Maikeeb, who was once best known for making “YAAAAAAS GAGA!” go viral.

That explains everything.

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Below, 15 looks that prove Keke Palmer is our new favorite street style star to follow.

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