Sam Broekema
Aug 11, 2017 @ 10:00 am

Isabella Rossellini. Sophia Loren. Monica Vitti. Our favorite Italian women have major names and major style to match. Model Mariacarla Boscono, the face of the beauty brand Borghese, falls into both categories, with a name that rolls off the tongue and evokes her exquisite fashion sense. Here are five essential lessons about molto Italiano style we learned from scrolling through her Instagram.

1. Invest in Sunnies


There are a few things that stylish Italian woman won’t leave the house without, and top of the list is a perfect pair of sunglasses. Pairing shades with a red lip and a center hair part ups the chic factor of any outfit—even one that is missing pants.

SUMMER START!!! ☀️#peoplesilove ❤️ #salento

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2. Buy Black in Bulk


There is never enough black in an Italian woman’s wardrobe. The fashion-favorite shade matches everything, always (and happens to be super flattering). Here's how to put Italian flair on a classic New York look: Add an accessory in a different color—like those silver kicks—and you're set.

Enjoying Milan in the best italian style! @tods #TodsSellaBag #TodsSneakers 🖤

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3. Borrow From the Boys


Boscono recognizes the inherent sex appeal in something borrowed from the men’s section. Her loafers are sleek but also practical, adding extra pizazz to a feminine Givenchy skirt.

... no one make me happy like #you 🐣 Grazie @cuneytakeroglu for the 📸 #mybaby #mylife #myeverything ❤️️🙏🏻🐣

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4. Show Your Face Some Love


Take care of your face—it’s the only one you’ve got. Boscono isn’t shy about revealing the work that goes into maintaining her beauty, and manages to show off a major necklace moment while doing so.

#sunday 🦄💞 with @borghesebeautiful 💖

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5. Stripes, Stripes, and Stripes!


Stripes forever and always. Some think of the mariner top as French-specific, but Italians have their very own love affair with stripes.

#workday #NYC 📸 #FACE by @fulviafarolfi 🔪💣💥 #CIAO 🤗

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