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It's True: The Perfect Pair of Jeans Can Be Found for a Fraction of the Cost

It's True: The Perfect Pair of Jeans Can Be Found for a Fraction of the Cost
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Emboldened by last week's success in finding the exact item that I wanted at the thrift store, I decided to test my luck once again this week. This time, the stakes were a little higher: I needed to find the perfect date outfit the day before the date. It seems a little silly to spend money solely for a date that may or may not go well, so I thought it would be prudent to eschew the mall in favor of the thrift store.

Since I was short on time and wanted something really nice, I opted to go to the better thrift store in our town where everything is slightly pricier but mostly high quality and organized really well.

I only had forty minutes on my parking meter, so I immediately loaded up on dresses. I had actually been thinking something along the lines of a light-colored, floral dress but in the end everything seemed to clash with my new pink hair. Instead I went through every LBD on the rack (thank God for color-coded racks organized by size) and went into the dressing room with an armful.

The Perfect Jeans

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On the plus side, none of these dresses clashed with my hair. On the other hand, they were all so drab and depressing! It's a date, not a funeral. I quickly changed into a lighter dress.


That dress was OK but nothing special (I really don't like high-low hems). So I decided to change tack. Instead of a dress, I'd pair blue skinny jeans with a black bodysuit that I own. Unfortunately, my dog Doug recently ate the butt of my only pair of blue skinny jeans so I needed a new pair.

Mindful of my parking meter minutes that were steadily disappearing, much like my sanity, I rushed to load up on jeans to try on. Let me tell you: it doesn't matter how well-organized a thrift store is, it is still absolute hell trying to find a pair of jeans that fit you in that situation. Dozens of different brands were represented, all with their own unique approach to jeans sizing. I think I tried on at least four or five different sizes of jeans. I quickly discovered that while one brand's size six fit fine, another brand's size six wouldn't even go over my thighs.

Luckily, after texting a few pictures of my butt in various pairs of jeans to my sister, I found a winner for $7.

Phone Convo

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And I somehow didn't get a parking ticket, in case you were wondering. Success all around!

Perfect Jeans

Just don't make my mistake. If you decide to save some money on a new pair of jeans at the thrift store, make sure you go with plenty of time, granola bars, and water because that shit is a marathon.

And don't expect to find the perfect dress for a date at a thrift store the day before you need it, obviously. Luckily I think I ended up with a decent outfit in the end.

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Date Night Outfit

I think this is the perfect date outfit because it's simple, comfortable, and fairly casual while still looking--as my sister would say--very flame emoji. OK, and because it has cleavage. Now it's time to ooh and ahh over some of the awesome thrift store finds that you guys shared last week.

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