How to Wear a Silky Camisole Like It's 2016

How to Wear a Silky Camisole Like It's 2016
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If you asked me to speak on silk camisoles two years ago, I’d have painted a bejeweled, over-tanned tale of the early aughts. It would start with the ladies of Laguna Beach (those innocent days when, siiigh, people still associated Speidi with the superhero), wearing the cut extra long with flared jeans and flip-flops, and veer to peak-O.C. Misha Barton in a newsboy cap. There’d be a few mentions of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan clubbing—a hot pink bra peeking beneath their dangerously low necklines—before declaring satin-y spaghetti strap tops over, done, dead.

But the style’s real glory days? Turns out those were yet to come. The coolest of cool girls have been revamping the dated design’s image this summer and, indeed, even this former naysayer likes what she sees. To wit: Emily Ratajkowski, spotted effortlessly balancing the sex appeal of a slinky negligee top with stiff and faded ‘90s-style jeans last spring, and the chic come hitherness of the Hadid sisters’ go-to cami/choker formula. Factor in Kendall Jenner, elevating a lace-trimmed yellow number from Gucci with a black mini skirt and matching booties on Jimmy Kimmel, and suddenly the recycled trend feels totally new.

Let’s make sure the rest of our outfits do, too. Here, courtesy of the InStyle market team’s styling wizardry, three perfect ways to revamp your approach to the look.

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