How to Find the Best Jeans for Every Body Type

How to Find the Best Jeans for Every Body Type
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Here at InStyle, we understand the power of a really good pair of jeans. A proper fitting pair of baby blues can instantly change your mood, making you feel more confident and even a little sexy. However, finding that life-changing pair of jeans can be extremely difficult if you’re not built like a supermodel. (But even they have a tough time finding jeans that are long enough for their gazelle-like legs.)

The real world of women and our varied bodies is not like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants—there isn’t one magic pair that will work for all of us. So over the past few weeks we’ve set out to crack the code on that “perfect pair” for a variety of body types. We sourced fit and silhouette tips from some of our favorite denim brands—AG, Lucky Brand, Ayr, and more—to find the best jeans for your body.

From big butts to large thighs, long torsos and long legs, we found a variety of denim options cut to flatter your best features. 

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