How to Snag Alessandra Ambrosio's Supermodel Style

How to Snag Alessandra Ambrosio's Supermodel Style
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When you think supermodel, there’s no doubt Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the perfectly sculpted faces to pop up in your mind. I mean, just look at her (we’ll give you a moment to stare at the image above).

VIDEO: Get That Body: Alessandra Ambrosio


Welcome back. In the case of Ambrosio, being a top model certainly has its perks—exposure to impeccable fashion is certainly one of them. So it’s no wonder her fashion sense is top notch and, frankly, super enviable. So much so we just gotta have it. From her ultra glam and ultra sexy red carpet looks to her street style worthy off-duty ensembles (I mean, who could ever forget this velvet look? Answer: no one, no one ever), Ambrosio has the style we covet.

So naturally, we've put together a brief 101 on how to snag Alessandra Ambrosio’s sexy supermodel style.

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