Get Excited for the 2016 French Open with 26 Photos of the World’s Hottest Tennis Players

Get Excited for the 2016 French Open with 26 Photos of the World’s Hottest Tennis Players
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The 2016 French Open starts on Sunday, May 22, and even if you’re not a tennis fan, the tournament brings a lot to look forward to. Set in picturesque Paris, France, with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower visible in every aerial shot of the coverage, the red clay courts are the site of some of the hottest action of tennis season—and some of the best people-watching in the game.

Between the celebrities who come out for Roland Garros each year and the hunky men on the court, it’s hard to decide where to focus our attention. Over the years, everyone from Beyoncé to Prince, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Aniston has been spotted at the tournament.

The guys on the court aren’t too hard on the eyes either. From the adorable Spaniard Rafael Nadal to the Italian heartthrob Fabio Fognini, Serbian firecracker Novak Djokovic to the lovable Czech Tomas Berdych, some of the French Open’s best contenders for the men’s singles title could double as male models. Plus, those major muscles certainly don’t hurt their swoon-worthy factor.

Sadly, not every man on our hot list will be able to compete in the tournament—Roger Federer pulled out of Roland Garros on Thursday with a back injury, ending his streak of a record 65 straight Grand Slam singles tournaments. The former French Open winner will certainly be missed, leaving room in the rankings for what could be an epic showdown between nine-time French Open champion Nadal and world number one Djokovic.

Get excited for the action at the Grand Slam tournament by flipping through our gallery of the world’s 26 hottest men’s tennis players—plus, what you need to know about each tennis star.

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