How to Layer Hoop Earrings Like a Pro

How to Layer Hoop Earrings Like a Pro
Hanna Tveite

One thing every cool girl seems to be obsessed with as of late is hoop-earring layering. The trend is super easy to pull off, if you keep a few things in mind.

First, layering is all about proportion. Personally, I like a medium-size hoop in the lower piercing and really small hoop in the upper piercing. A large architectural earring in the lower piercing with a medium-size one in the upper ear also works; and small always pairs well with small. The best rule of thumb: make sure the earrings are never too far from each other in size. 

I also like to mix the metals. Gold and silver have a cool contrast, and there's something modern and chic about an all-silver scheme. 

But even if you don’t have a second piercing, you can still pull this off. Just use a cuff instead of a hoop. Or, go for the Charlotte Chesnais Saturne Earrings (see below) and get two hoops in one!

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Scroll down to master the art of layered hoops. 

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