From Juices to Toothbrushes, Charcoal Is Having a Moment

From Juices to Toothbrushes, Charcoal Is Having a Moment

Of all the trendy items out there—ear jackets, puffer vests, culottes—we never thought charcoal would be one. But after Juice Generation anointed charcoal-based drinks as the new must-have beverage of the post-holiday season, we suddenly realized that the carbonaceous material is everywhere. It's used in facial cleansers to extract dirt from your skin, it's being inserted eye masks to cure headaches, and it's even taken on the role of a natural deodorizer, to keep your interiors smelling fresh on the regular.

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For the uninitiated, charcoal has a slew of benefits that go far beyond smoking meat. While the substance is recognized primarily as a ready antidote for poisoning (never a bad thing to have on-hand), it also works wonders as a cleansing agent, trapping chemicals and therefore ridding your body of dirt, toxic substances, and infections before your skin ever absorbs them. It's even be known to prevent hangovers. To officially embrace the trend with open arms, we rounded up our favorite charcoal-infused products. Don't throw this stuff underneath your grill.

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