Gwen Stefani's Stylists Reveal Why Her Looks on The Voice Were Completely Different

Gwen Stefani's Stylists Reveal Why Her Looks on<em> The Voice </em>Were Completely Different
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There are a number of reasons to watch The Voice (the on-point performances, the thrilling drama that inevitably unfolds, and the budding on-screen chemistry between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton all come to mind), but for us, it's Stefani's strong sartorial personality that commands our attention. And we have Hollywood power stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn to thank—they're the masterminds behind every one of Stefani's looks (they also have stars like Jennifer Lopez, Rachel McAdams, and Cara Delevingne on their roster of A-list clients). Now that season 9 of The Voice has wrapped, we caught up with the duo (whose schedules are insane btw—they're currently tasked with outfitting Lopez for her Las Vegas show) to chat about all things Stefani, but first we had to know: What's she like?

"She's kind of a dream client," Zangardi laughs. "The genius thing about working with Gwen is that she can pull off anything. She has a strong personal style to begin with, which allows us to push the envelope."

Before the season started, they knocked out one giant fitting, during which they locked down about 20 looks, but what neither one of them anticipated was Stefani's shift in mood, which led to surprising last-minute outfit decisions.

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"In the past, we've done avant-garde, tomboy-ish edgy looks, but this season, it was a nice surprise when she said, 'I feel like I want to be more feminine,'" Haenn says. "We were used to her loving blazers and drop-crotch pants, but then we had to readjust our way of thinking. We were looking at things that we would normally never look at. We wouldn't be sure about something, but we'd pull it and she'd see it and love it."

The result was a line-up brimming with looks that felt like a marked departure from her usual punk attire, like flirty fringe dresses, ethereal gowns, and printed A-line numbers. "It came out very '60s mod, which wasn't intentionally done, but it happened that way," Haenn continues. "We kept going with it because it was working."

"There were a lot more form-fitted dresses, sexier things she wouldn't normally wear, more cleavage-baring pieces," Zangardi chimes in. "She even told us last night, 'I love that I did something totally new this season, something I've never done before.'"

But of course that's not to say Stefani lost sight of her personal style. Her affinity for prints was still there, as was her signature punk 'tude, which was evident in her love for fishnets (her faves are from Capezio). In the words of Zangardi: "It all still felt Gwen-y." Keep scrolling to see more of Stefani's style evolution from season 9 of The Voice.

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