Good American Season 3 Is Giving Us a Reason to Try on the Fishnet Trend

Good American Season 3 Is Giving Us a Reason to Try on the Fishnet Trend

If there's anything we can count on in fashion, it's a revolving door of trends that make shopping and getting dressed a new adventure. Though we can't possibly buy into everything, it's still a lot of fun for us to pay attention to all the fads and adopt the ones that align with our personal style.

Fishnets are among the most classic pieces of all time and a definite need for any one who wants to add a sultry spin to even the most classic ensembles. So it's no surprise that the timeless detail is at the foundation of Good American's latest Season 3 drop of new styles.

The brand's uber-popular Mini Skirt, Good Legs, and Oversized Denim Jacket styles will all feature super cool fishnets, if you're looking to make a quality investment in the trend.

The denim jacket can also be personalized with any letter of the alphabet, boasting stud embellishment for added edge. They're the newest take on those personalized hoodies co-founder Khloé Kardashian and Gigi Hadid were sporting a few weeks ago, before they sold out.

VIDEO: Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede on Their New Good American Line


There are also two new Bermuda Shorts and Good Waist styles being released as well. Kardashian and co-founder Emma Grede are also adding some new members to the "Good Squad." Rose Bertram & Leomie Anderson star in the official campaign imagery alongside Khloé, though Elisa Johnson, Tammy Hembrow, Gracie Ko, Ryan Destiny, Kim Johansson, Audreyana Michelle, and Yovanna Ventura are officially being added to the lineup as well. But you'll still see original squad members Denise Bidot, Nadia Aboulhosn, India Westbrook, Chantel Jeffries, Stephanie Rao, and Roxy Reyes throughout the year.

Make sure to get your purchasing finger ready at, as styles always go fast. They'll set you back between $139 to $269, in sizes 00 to 24. And don't worry: More Season 3 launches will be dropping bi-weekly through June.

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