A Blast From the Past: American Hustle-Inspired '70s Fashion

A Blast From the Past: American Hustle-Inspired '70s Fashion
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For every pair of aviator sunglasses and plaid, there's bound to be fur and a navel-grazing neckline close by; welcome to the '70s. American Hustle (out in theaters now) sweeps us back to the glitzy decade where over-the-top glamour and slick swagger reign supreme. The film follows con-artist Irving (Christian Bale), his lover-slash-partner-in-crime Sydney (Amy Adams), his wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), and FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), in a story where deceit, scandal, and romance ensue. The plot is good and all, but it's the heady dose of vintage fashion that also caught our attention. From leather-on-leather to slinky white gowns, get your vixen fix and copy their sexy on-screen style.

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