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Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe with These Modern Florals

Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe with These Modern Florals

You can always count on seeing lots of floral prints in the spring. But we probably shouldn't loop all flower prints into a single trend, since a valid one requires a unified style and aesthetic. This season some prints are Rachel Ashwell-esque (read: sweet, plush, and ultra-feminine), others are Hawaiian. Some are neon and full of color, others are monochromatic or black-and-white. What's the common thread in this garden full of floral arrangements? All of these petal-pushing pieces share a sophisticated, edgy, and modern quality.

Take the Paul Andrew sandal pictured above. This sleek style takes on the silhouette of the season: the mule. The Dolce & Gabbana sunnies? They're dark and moody, a colorway that's a refreshing departure from the motif's usually cheery hues.

We gathered our favorite new floral fashion and accessory pieces, each with their own special details and contemporary updates. Ready to refresh your spring wardrobe? Shop the gallery to find the piece that speaks to you.

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