The 8 Pairs of Flats Every Fashionable Woman Owns

The 8 Pairs of Flats Every Fashionable Woman Owns
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It goes without saying that there's no shortage of heels among the chic set. From trendy sculptural stilettos to timeless sleek pumps, heels are beloved for delivering height, and in turn, for embodying authority, confidence, and style. With all their pros (and admittedly, a few cons), it's easy to forget or overlook their ground-treading counterparts.

Yes, fashionable women see their share of flats, too. Even the savviest of street style stars, like Olivia Palermo in head-to-toe Dior at Couture Fashion Week (pictured above), need a respite from heels at some point or another. When maximum mobility and comfort is the goal, flats are almost always the answer. That's why we zeroed in on all the kinds of flats that every fashionable woman owns. From Adidas Stan Smiths to darling black French-girl-esque ballet flats, take a look at our curation of flats that work as chic alternatives to heels.

PHOTOS: The 8 Pairs of Flats That Every Fashionable Woman Owns

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