#RocksMyWorld: 5 Great Investment Watches to Give a Graduate

#RocksMyWorld: 5 Great Investment Watches to Give a Graduate
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In this weekly feature, InStyle’s jewelry and watch editor Marion Fasel shares the inside scoop on the treasures that are on her radar. Look for it every Thursday on What’s Right Now, and follow Fasel on Instagram (@marionfasel) to see more gems that rock her world.

Why wear a watch these days when you can check the time on your cellphone? Tennis champion Maria Sharapova, an ambassador for Tag Heuer timepieces and a lady with a jam-packed schedule, gave the best answer I have ever heard to this question. “It is so much easier for me to wear a watch than to go digging through my bag to find my cellphone.”  Brilliantly spoken. Who hasn’t had to stir around in their purse to locate their phone at a meeting or business lunch? Clearly, it is much more elegant to take a glance at a beautiful watch on your wrist. Not to mention the fact that it adds a spectacular element to any outfit.

An investment watch is not only a useful self-purchase, it is also a spectacular graduation gift. It will add extra polish to a graduate's interview wardrobe as they head out into the workforce.  Following are five sensational styles that can be worn on a daily basis in any type of profession.  With one of these watches your young professional won’t miss a beat.

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