9 Fall Outfits Inspired by Wes Anderson Characters

9 Fall Outfits Inspired by Wes Anderson Characters
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It's hard to even talk about the fall 2015 collections without bringing up this season's most popular (not to mention, most unexpected) inspiration: director Wes Anderson and his onscreen characters. His genius is not only celebrated in the cinematic sphere, but also in fashion.

Anderson's influence ran rampant on the runways, from Alessandro Michele's debut geek-chic designs for Gucci that made a point to highlight Margot Tenenbaum's famous brown fur coat from The Royal Tenenbaums to Lacoste's sporty-chic pieces that drew inspiration from her brother Chas's red tracksuits. The result of this meeting of the minds? A season chock full of quirky, adorably eccentric, and slightly off-beat looks that could pass for a costume on an Anderson set.

Applying Anderson's aesthetic, though, is an entirely different story. We matched characters' costumes with runway ensembles and broke down how to nail the look in real life. Ahead, shop nine Anderson-inspired outfits.

PHOTOS: 9 Fall Outfits Inspired By Wes Anderson Characters

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