Designer Erin Fetherston Gets Flirty With Her New Collection for JewelMint

Designer Erin Fetherston Gets Flirty With Her New Collection for JewelMint
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From kitty ears to bold bows, designer Erin Fetherston—known for her youthful and feminine designs with a celebrity following that includes Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, and Zooey Deschanel—has teamed up with the online retailer JewelMint to create the third limited-edition capsule collection for the company's CFDA-backed Studio Series—and we have to admit, the collection is romantically perfect in every way.

The 10-piece EF x JM collection features an array of both gold and rose gold rings (some with crystal accents), bracelets, a bangle set, necklaces, and headbands that all take a playful spin on love. "I wanted take iconic elements that I feel represent part of my creative world and I wanted to be subversive in my way of playing with them," Fetherston tells exclusively. "So you know -- really oversized bows as cuffs and playing with hearts and cupid’s arrow in subversive and whimsical ways."

We got the full scoop on the inspiration behind the collection, which celebrity friend of hers would love this collection (hint: her alter ego is Jessica Day!), and more.

Aside from using the iconic elements you love, what else inspired your collection?
I’ve done so many different types of collaborations throughout my career, and I’ve always felt like each one has helped me grow or helped my brand grow in one way or another. JewelMint is a really interesting and unique model out there and they have an amazing online business, so I just felt like they made sense to do a partnership.

Which piece is your favorite from the collection?
I like the kitty ears because, I mean, where else are you going to get gilded kitty ears? It’s supposed to be funny, but when I made them I thought, "This is like a fun item to wear out to a party!" These pieces are supposed to make you laugh and smile, and they’re not outrageously priced; they’re not meant to be treated like precious (pieces), it’s supposed to be fun. I also like the double-arrow ring, which I think it’s pretty cool.

As a designer, what are trends on you noticing in accessories? 
Accessories are pretty amazing because I feel like there is no limit to the innovation that can happen there. I really make dresses, and of course you can be innovative, but at the same time you’re always dressing the human body, which is more or less a certain shape, whereas accessories are not limited by that and there are more endless possibilities. I definitely think with how technological devices continue to become more and more an extension of our person, that’s really an excellent prompt for new creativity.

Last question, if you could pick one celebrity who would wear these pieces, who would it be? 
I’ll go with my friend Zooey Deschanel -- I think she would like it! I also think (her New Girl character) Jess would like the kitty ears and would definitely want some of these pieces.

Get a head start on shopping pieces from the EF x JM collection (each piece is $29.99) by looking through our gallery or by visiting

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