5 Easy Office Uniforms for the Busy Working Woman

5 Easy Office Uniforms for the Busy Working Woman
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We're busy. We have things to do, places to go to, and people to see. And desperately figuring out what to wear to work not only cuts into our morning routine, but it drains up so much mental energy. It's why we love the idea of an everyday uniform. Ironically enough, it's liberating to work within restrictions—endless combinations and an overwhelming amount of options can be crippling even (and it's why this one ad exec wore the same thing every day for three years).

To make your life (and our lives easier), we concocted no-brainer outfit formulas that are chic (some embody a couple of this season's biggest trends), meet office dress codes, and can help get you to work on time. Study up on these five fail-safe uniforms, wear one each day of the week, and then repeat.

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